Who you are & why you do what you do could be your marketing super power!

understanding what underpins your thoughts, feelings, actions and even your in-action gives you profound permission to develop your marketing strategy and approach in a way that works for you...

...and your ideal clients or customers!

understanding your archetypal strengths, your mindset triggers, relationship with money, effortless ways to show up and be visible (critical to your marketing btw!) and keys to unlocking your #effortlesssuccesszone will transform your relationship with yourself as a business woman

...it will also help you to confidently uncover and unleash your unique magnetism formula, all while being 100% YOU!

and that ladies, is the ONE thing that will draw ideal clients and customers to you...

... over and over again!
(nice one, right?)

almost as good as a fresh coconut when you're immersing yourself in oodles of r'n'r on a tropical getaway...

as far away from your marketing as you can get!

I see you sitting in the space between "I can totally do this" and "I don't know where to start so I'll just hang out here and hope someone sees me... even if I'm in disguise" :)

um, yeah...

that totally won't work!

If you genuinely want to lead a business that brings you freedom and rewards, then there are a number of key factors not to be ignored

Get ready to read on...
...fresh coconut anyone?

Without understanding who you are and what you offer you will struggle to confidently and consistently connect with ideal clients.

You will end up feeling an overwhelming sense of frustration and like you are wasting a lot of time and money.

Without knowing the important marketing basics, you'll find making decisions about marketing strategy and where to invest your hard earned $$$ and precious time and emotions a great challenge. You could end up feeling more annoyed than you should. Maybe you'll end up feeling like a failure and no-hoper!

This isn't the time I spring out a rags-to-ritches-I-had-$28-to-my-name story

It also isn't going to be a I-have-been-there-story-of-transformation

I will tell you that when I started my business in 2007 I was juggling a nearly full time corporate role and floundering in my attempts to kick start my business dream. I am so grateful to some super wise and bold mentors who said to me "learn all you can about marketing!"

So I embraced what I now know to be the best of my Thrive Factor Archetypes - my Mentor Teacher, Liberator Engineer and Visionary Creator - and got to work learning, building, tweaking and continuing to dream all the while trying to absorb every piece of marketing content I could find.

I am eternally grateful my Inspirer Believer archetype jumped on board and provided the energy and excitement for inspired action to bring all the learning and practical and strategic visioning together.

What happened?

13+ years later I spend every day coaching, consulting and teaching small business owners (and particularly women) all I possibly can to give you every opportunity possibly to make the most of my 4 fav M's
Mindset: Expand your thinking so you can more confidently express who you are, why you're in business, who you help, how you do that and the benefits of it so you can more effortlessly attract the right clients and customers and keep them coming back and referring to you
Marketing: Understand how to market yourself and your glorious services or products in a way that feels increasingly effortless and less salesy, spammy, pushy or repellent, allowing you to convert people who value what you have to offer over and over again
Money: Build a positive relationship with money and abundance so you can charge what you're worth, delivering a great value end result and build a trusted brand others will happily shout about from the rooftops! Let's face it, you can thrive without income!
Magnetism: Define your unique "special sauce" or magnetic potential - it is the things that make you who you are and draw people, opportunities, experiences and rewards to you so you truly know what it means to totally thrive AND you unlock your effortless success zone, find your flow and lead a business where you're the boss in the best way possible. Seriously, who wants to lead a business where the business is in charge?
I'm Shannon Bush, Director at Creative Possibility, the Visionary Creator behind the Thrive Factor framework, and founder of this awesome program, which has recently had a makeover and is now bought to you as Market To Thrive 2.0!

I'm also a Permission Activator and cannot wait for you to understand what that actually means. In Market To Thrive (M2T) you'll definitely find out.

When I threw myself into learning all I could about marketing I found an instant disconnect between what I was learning and the real world. Like the hundreds of business owners I've coached and taught and the graduates in the seven previous rounds of M2T, I got super frustrated when the strategies I was being taught weren't making the grade.

In fact they were flopping.

Big time.

And I just got more and more frustrated.

I did, though, persist with my learning and application, refining as I went. I re-engineered things and broke apart the strategies to understand what sat under them, within them and beyond them.

I realised that much of the "foundational" marketing goodness was not being taught. That's the sh!tty bit because without having these foundational principles in place the mountains of strategies won't get you anywhere.

You might get a few wins every now and then but they aren't likely to be sustainable.

And then that cycle of annoyed-frustrated-overwhelmed-why-doesn't-anyone-want-what-I've-got kicks in again and you start to question things...

You question your worth.
You second guess your value.
You start discounting.
You feel pretty crappy.
Cash flow becomes an increasing issue.
Your confidence goes AWOL.
You feel disappointed.
So disappointed.
You wonder why you're in business.

What's the point?

Marketing is an inevitability for every woman leading a business. No exceptions.

It doesn't have to be the overwhelming "thing" you do when you get around to it. Or the thing you do because you feel you have no choice!

So now we have that clear, let's look at the new way to market.

A way to create a magnetic, #leanin effect that will fill you with confidence because it starts with genuinely reliable foundational content.

Market To Thrive 2.0 works for a number of reasons. It is layers of the best principles of archetypal psychology, practical business sense, reliable foundational marketing content and the cherry on the icing on top of the cake...


And what happens when you truly know yourself?

You engage with a deep sense of self permission.

Permission to use your strengths, own your challenges and make choices each day that place you in your effortless success zone.

Life gets easier.

Business gets easier.

Marketing gets easier.

Fun returns. You find your clarity. Flow is just a more natural state. Productivity can skyrocket.

You feel yourself - 100% and your magnetism potential soars.

Marketing Made Easier!

That is what Market To Thrive 2.0 is all about

Let's explore what you'll learn

M2T is an 8 week program, mapped out to teach you how to make the most of your Thrive Factor Profile as you learn how to market yourself and grow your business.

Each weekly group call will be accompanied by a series of resources to support your learning. All content will be made available to you via the Creative Possibility Thinkific online learning platform, including recordings for ALL calls.

The added support you'll receive from the private Facebook group means additional accountability, networking, encouragement and cheer leading from me and your M2T buddies who will be taking each step right along side of you.

Below is a high level overview of our 8 weeks of glorious M2T'ing.

Having guided small business owners through the maze of marketing hype for years now I love teaching this foundational content - marketing principles you can rely on and use over and over again because they underpin any strategy I can think of.

Combine the marketing goodness with the strengths of your Thrive Factor and knowing how to choose to work from your effortless success zone and you've got a recipe for THRIVING!

Totally cool and exactly what I planned all along because M2T is the kind of program I always wanted to take.
Registrations for the next round open now

Each new week delivers one of the M's of M2T AKA the 8 M's of Magnetic Marketing!
Week 1: Mindset (Beliefs)
• Explore the role mindset and your beliefs have to play in marketing.

• Contemplate your new found reference of self understanding and insight into the Law Of Effortlessness.

• Look at the stuff going on in your head that impacts your marketing efforts and business growth potential!

Week 2: Mindfullness (Purpose)
• Get clear on your business purpose and what your bigger vision is for the future.

• It's essential to have a clear idea about where you are headed, otherwise it's like trying to use a GPS without the coordinates plugged in!

• The week when that clarity will start to take hold and your confidence will be given another boost.

Week 3: Message (Your Brilliance)
• Every one of us has some deep seated "thing" we want to get out in the world and we launch a business as a vehicle to do that.

• Your Message is a reflection of your core brilliance, which is a combination of your personal leadership style strengths + your passions.

• Message clarity and focus are essential elements of marketing. Let's get you clear!

Week 4: Magnetism (Connection + Relationships)
• Some may call this week ideal client discovery week. I guess it is... It's also so much more.

• Bundle your purpose and message together to attract your ideal clients you need to understand who they are.

• Explore your magnetism, your ability to attract these fabulous people who are ready and willing to work with you. Being magnetic creates an action of people leaning into what you have to offer.

Week 5: Movement (It is about taking action)
• Action becomes the difference between success and spinning around, overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do next.

• Explore the role of Movement in the Market To Thrive philosophy and I'll share with you the ins and outs of the Law of Effortlessness and how to use it to do less to achieve more.

• When we're marketing and promoting on a consistent basis it's got to be about leveraging your time. Let's see how that's possible.

Week 6: Management (Systems + Support)
• This week we talk about managing your marketing as we extend our Movement week

• You have an opportunity to learn about key systems and tools I use in my business and see others using successfully to ensure their time is leveraged and marketing remains a fun, creative aspect of business

• This week provides you with the system to capture all of your marketing content in one place making it easier to reference and maximising the potential for consistency

Week 7: Map (Create a M2T Content Plan)
• This week we work together to set up a detailed, motivating plan of action for your marketing for the coming months

• Planning has been a key factor in my business success and I love to teach it as when it's done right and takes you into account it drives action and momentum

• You'll learn how to apply my planning framework, The Effortless Success Framework to your business and marketing so you're ready to market the Market To Thrive way

Week 8: Mastery (Ongoing Thriving!)
• Now that you have the foundations in place and a map all set out we'll be talking through the aspect of Mastery

• I see this as your ongoing achievement and the things you can integrate into your business to stay motivated, focused, taking action, staying energised and feeling alive and thriving each step of the way

Limited to 20 participants for added personal support, the next round of M2T (the 2.0 version) starts Tues 17th September 2019 & registrations open in July
One of the things I have worked out during my years coaching and teaching women in business is that personalised support is an essential part of you getting the most out of the program.

I'm also a much better facilitator when leading small, focused programs with a capped number of participants. You totally deserve the best of me at every step of your M2T journey, so I choose to deliver the weekly content in a way to maximise that potential.

I'm also about working together, as a team. We will learn and work together in collaboration, not competition.

Registrations for the next round open now

Past graduates of M2T have gone on to refer to each other, work together, be each others #foreveraccountabilitybuddies and each others greatest cheer leaders.

Totally warms my heart.

This stuff - something I call #collectivethriving, is one of my business objectives and a huge part of my life purpose!

Why? Simple.

I'm an includer, permission activator and expansionist.

You can blame my Thrive Factor archetypes for the way I teach and work. They're me and they've got your back.


Want in?
What's different in Market To Thrive 2.0?
Since publishing my latest book, The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone in January 2019, which BTW was an Amazon Australia #1 bestseller at launch, I came to see there was additional content to add to the program.

What you ask? Well The Thrive Factor book provides powerful insights into the way each of the 12 archetypes impact your mindset, marketing, money relationship and your magnetism formula.

So it made sense to me to weave more of this exceptional and permission giving content into M2T.

A no-brainer in fact!

Each of the modules, where relevant, includes more about using your archetypal superpowers - your Thrive Factor - to up the ante when it comes to more effortlessness and your marketing.

Ready to fall in love with marketing?

I hope so because that is exactly what can happen when you embrace the M2T way to market; increasingly effortless magnetic marketing!

Registrations open now for round 9, commencing 17th Sept 2019
I am a fresh graduate from Shannon's recent Market to Thrive Program and all I can say is "Why didn't I do this sooner!!"
I have known Shannon for a few years now and knew she was great at what she did through one on one catch ups but I did not expect how much of a difference one course could make. This course is an absolute game changer! I used to be someone that was living in fear always wondering "when" I would get more clients or "when" I would be able to be full time in my business, and after the past 9 weeks of focusing on ideal client and learning how to develop my marketing message, the question is not when it's now setting a date to be able to follow through on those goals and be the successful business woman I once dreamed about.
If you are a start up business, have been in your business a couple of years (like me) or even have been in business for 10 years and you are wanting to grow not only in the business but learn a whole lot about your personality, then you NEED to do this course.

The way she teaches you about your Thrive Factor archetypes actually allows you to understand your strengths and weaknesses as a person and as a business owner and fall in love with them because they are what makes up the incredible person that you are. You are able to look at challenges in a whole different perspective and you can actually set a path to overcoming them.

An issue used to be breaking point for me whether it was a client cancelling or being quiet, but now I am able to reflect on that, ask myself what I doing and what can I do better to improve this situation. I honestly cannot recommend this course highly enough. If you have any doubts, you need to throw them in the bin, this course is an absolute game changer. Shannon from the bottom of my heart thank you, thank you, thank you cannot wait for the next few months ahead!!!

Kat Blake - #sleepqueen, Invigorate Naturopathy

I can’t even begin to express how amazing and valuable Shannon’s Market to Thrive program was! I loved learning about my Thrive Factor Archetypes - uncovering my innate strengths and using this knowledge to manage and market my business with more authenticity and ease.

I really liked that the program delved deep into mindset as it made me recognise that I had a lot of self-limiting beliefs that prevented me from flourishing in my business. It was such an enlightening experience, I have learned so much about myself but also just as important, I have learnt some very practical marketing and business principles that I can apply to my business in order to leverage time and effort.

I also appreciate that it was a program that allowed me to connect with like-minded business women who were all so beautiful and inspiring.

If you’re a woman in business and in need of coaching - I would not hesitate to recommend Shannon or one of her programs, she’s been referred countless times to being a #bizyoda and in getting to know her, this is so fitting.

Not only is she an incredible wealth of wisdom and knowledge, she’s an incredible human being who is passionate, driven and supportive. I feel like her teaching has rejuvenated my outlook on business and life, and has given me a sense of confidence and clarity to keep pursuing!

Sheryl Young - Designer & Illustrator, Nevertheless

Shannon has been the magic ingredient that I had been looking for to get my business up and running. Shannon's expertise, wisdom, knowledge and her passion to see her clients succeed are so natural, it is addictive.
Shannon supports her clients not just from a business perspective but also encourages them to be more holistic in their approach towards building awareness of who they are and what they have to offer.
Having completed the Market to Thrive course, I feel I have come away with a clearer direction, a deeper understanding of my strengths/services, a confident approach to marketing and a more joyful view of being a woman in business. Thank you Shannon!!

Pavitra Gurumurthi, Transition Mentor
I have just completed Shannons Market to Thrive Program. WOW! In over 9 years of business I have never ever, been clearer on what I'm doing, where I'm taking my business, why and how to continually thrive. Such a supportive, positive and inspirational program. If you're in business and want all of that plus a #leanin effect to your business, then I'd encourage you 110% to jump onboard the #magneticmarketing train and be a part of the next Market to Thrive Group. Was definitely a #gamechanger for me and I met such great fellow business woman who, I know, will continue to cheer each other on for years to come Thank you Shannon.

Nat Wright, Verissima Natural Skincare
Market To Thrive is an absolute no brainer. I usually hate all things marketing and had avoided it like the plague. It has made such a difference to my business and I am so sure on who I am, what my business offers and who my ideal clients are. Highly recommend it.

Laura Elkaslassy, Adroit Business, #ProfitPioneer, Director Profit First Australia
After doing Market To Thrive course and becoming so much clearer on my marketing messages and my benefits I decided to embark on some coaching with Shannon. This has seen me take some huge leaps in the first year of my business and has helped me enormously to stay on track and keep taking action.

Nicole Bathurst, Dietician, Health Advocate for Women with Cancer
I had been ducking and weaving in my business for months with no clear plan on who I was working for or who I was trying to reach. Market To Thrive connected me with my purpose and why and gave me a fast track to learning and using my strengths and working with greater ease.

I have focus, clarity and a depth I knew was within me but couldn't articulate on my own. Market To Thrive is so much more than a marketing course. It is a fast track program to finding clarity for your business AND yourself. Shannon holds a supportive space for you to learn who you really are, and the tools to bring the best of you to life so you can connect with the right clients and build a magnetic brand.

There's marketing planning, benefit creation and a marketing scheduling system that liberates you from the confusion around marketing strategy. I seriously recommend this, without hesitation. If you've been confused by your marketing then this is the program you've been looking for.

Tracy Omeara Smith, Silverdale Natural Health

Love, love, love this woman and what she has done for my business!

She took me from a place of overwhelm and feeling like my business would never make ANY money, and gently but firmly guided me in the right direction. She is super-smart, caring, and always keeps it real, and seems to know exactly what I need to hear to keep me pushing forward.

Now, I really understand my niche, and I know exactly where I'm going with my business and why. Highly recommended working with Shannon and her Market To Thrive program is exceptional!

Julie Gibbons, #VisualGenius, Brand Strategist, Tractor Girl

What is my investment?
Registrations are open soon for the next round of Market To Thrive - the 2.0 version - an entire 8 weeks of awesome content, support, connection and magnetic marketing goodness.

Earlybird investment of $895 + gst will be available until 28th August **extended to 8th September 2019** or you can select the payment plan option at checkout.

On completion of the early bird phase, the full price investment is $1100 +gst.

Registrations close 10th September 2019 for a 17th September 2019 start.

M2T in it's original form has been delivered across seven amazing rounds. It's a truly phenomenal program and as you've read above, M2T has been one participants call a total business and life #gamechanger.

So don't hesitate to enroll if you're serious about stopping wondering what on earth you're doing and ready to build your confidence, develop brilliant resilience and nail your marketing.
Registrations for the next round open now

Oh and before I forget, there's bonuses!

Good ones.

The kind I see as essential to the magic of M2T.

Thrive Factor Profile (valued at $300)
Understanding who you are starts with understanding your Thrive Factor

Uncovering your unique archetypal strengths opens you up to increased confidence, clarity and motivation in your business and your life.

This fabulous bonus is an essential first step in the Market To Thrive program and you'll complete your profiling session via Zoom before week 1 of the Program.

The Thrive Factor Book + Archetype Card Deck (valued at $57)
To deepen your understanding of your personal leadership potential and the personal leadership philosophy you'll receive a copy of my book The Thrive Factor: Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone

PLUS you'll receive an archetypal card deck to remind you of the power  of your Thrive Factor

Your Thrive Factor -  Mindset + Magnetism PLUS Money + Marketing Masterclasses
BONUS Thrive Factor Masterclasses to discover more about your archetypes and their impact on your mindset, money, marketing and magnetism!

These are delivered live within the first 2 weeks of the program so the content can be tailored to participants and your archetypes.

Access to a Private M2T 2.0 Facebook Group
Support, connection, accountability and working together is what gets things done!

I don't want M2T to be another program you sign up for and don't complete. Magic happens when we work together, supporting each other to thrive.

This space will be open to you for ever more (it'll only close if I ever stop offering this program or Facebook changes their group guidelines).

Having the Facebook Group means you'll continue the learning and deepen your sense of who you are and how to use your strengths in your business. I still uncover fascinating insights about the archetypes and being a #MentorTeacher I can't help but share.

Lifetime access to the M2T 2.0 Thinkific Platform

For the entire lifetime of M2T 2.0 you'll be able to access the content including

> all recordings of the weekly content sessions

> masterclasses recordings

> additional resources including worksheets, templates, spreadsheets and anything shared to support your learning

Industry expert masterclasses!

In the original M2T program students were supported by 3 industry experts who delivered bonus masterclasses to give you added marketing wisdom

With M2T 2.0 you'll get access to new industry expert calls and each round of the program I'll be introducing you to NEW experts so we develop a library of incredibly valuable content that's yours to access via the M2T 2.0 Training Platform

Key dates
  • Registrations open 1st July for the September 2019 round!
  • Early bird open until 28th August 8th September 2019 - $895
  • Full price investment kicks in 9th September - $1100
  • Welcome information, Facebook Group invites and M2T 2.0 Training Platform access from mid August
  • Thrive Factor profiling sessions occur second half of August
  • First class Tuesday 17th September 2019 at 9am AWST (Perth)
  • Bonus Thrive Factor Archetypes Mindset + Magnetism Masterclass
  • Bonus Thrive Factor Archetypes Marketing + Money Masterclass
  • Industry leader masterclasses available in second half of the program
Registrations for the next round are now open

Hello fabulous business woman. I'm delighted to see you here, checking out the magic that is Market To Thrive, my much loved marketing, mindset program for super determined, highly capable, passionate, big hearted, service-driven lady entrepreneurs just like you.

I led the first round of this program in April 2016 to rave reviews and we sold out before the early bird was over. Nothing like some magnetic demand for something you absolutely love hey? I totally want that for you, too!

This program is going to be a whole lot of fun and learning and creative stretching and has the potential to transform you and your business for the better.

I'm often referred to as the Business Liberator because I love to shake things up, get you thinking differently and doing differently so you can create a business and life that's totally thriving AND freeing.

I've been coaching, mentoring and teaching business owners all aspects of marketing and business goodness since 2007 and I absolutely love what I do. My business, Creative Possibility, was intentionally set up to open a pathway for me to do what I love, give back and teach others in biz how to do the same.

I'm excited to be bringing my Thrive Factor profiling framework, the focus of my Amazon Best Selling book, The Thrive Factor, into my marketing work in this program.

I approach business with a can-do attitude, a big dose of creativity and self-expression
, a belief that when you know who you really are and use your strengths, layer
that with good marketing and promotional knowledge, strategy and action, you can totally thrive. I'd so excited about showing you some of what I've been doing for years now, with ever increasing positive results and more and more effortlessness and ease.

Other things about me you might like to know;

  • I am the curator of the Thriving Entrepreneur Circle Facebook group with close to 2000 amazing women entrepreneurs who are working to thrive together!
  • I am the host and chief chatter box at Law of Effortlessness podcast which has released close to 90 episodes since it's launch in October 2016 and been listened to in over 50 countries!
  • I LOVE stand up paddleboarding and, if you know me at all you'll also know I LOVE chai and am on an eternal quest to hunt down the best chai experiences every place I visit!
  • I host retreats for women in business and used the same principles you'll learn in Market To Thrive to sell out my first and second retreat within 36 hours of registrations opening!
  • I sometimes get referred to as #BizYoda - totally cool as I have 100% embraced my innate wisdom, Yoda IS my fav Star Wars character and my first name is Celtic in origin and means 'lil ol' wise one!

I creatively live my own Thrive Factor in my business and life and can't wait to help you do the same. Let's get you on the road to thriving. I'll see you in the Market To Thrive tribe!


I'm Shannon Bush, Business Liberator, Permission Activator, Believer in Easier, Chai tragic + your hostess for Market To Thrive