Who are you
& why does it
matter for your
Knowing who you
are and what
you have to offer
from a personal and
brings you a level
of confidence
hard to create with
other experiences.
Knowing who you are
gives you permission
to be your true self.
Authenticity creates
magnetism and
magnetism is
THE one thing
that will
draw ideal clients
and customers
to you, over
and over again.
Marketing is an inevitable for every woman leading a business. It doesn't have to be the overwhelming "thing" you just do when you get around to it; because you feel you have to!

If you genuinely want to lead a business that brings you the freedom and rewards that you want personally and professionally, then there are a number of key factors you can't ignore.

Without understanding who you are and what you offer you'll struggle to confidently connect with ideal customers and clients. You'll feel an overwhelming sense of frustration and like you're wasting a lot of time and money trying to move forward.

Without knowing the important marketing basics, you'll find deciding on which marketing strategy to engage and where to invest your time and money, will be a challenging experience and could leave you with more annoyance and a sense of failure, rather than the rewards you dreamed of when you started in business.

In Market to Thrive, you'll discover your personal leadership style, how to use it to magnify your marketing, and nurture your mindset for more magnetism and effortless confidence marketing yourself and your business!

The next round of Market To Thrive starts 19th March 2019 and is limited to 20 participants!  Read on to find out more and enrol
Your confidence increases, clarity magnifies, motivation flows, action becomes easier and results more rewarding; much more rewarding...

The Market To Thrive philosophy has a number of key ingredients:

One part personal leadership and you knowing your archetypes and therefore who you really are + one part good foundational marketing basics + one part a vision for an amazing life and business + abundant quantities of support, curiosity, creativity and willingness to learn and take action.

Hello fabulous, big-hearted, highly capable, multi-passionate entrepreneur!

I'm Shannon Bush, a business coach with a difference. In reality, I'm a Business Liberator and some of the Market To Thrive grads call me #BusinessYoda thanks to the no nonsense wisdom I share when I teach. I love to shake things up and teach women in business new ways to bring their brilliance into the world, more effortlessly and beautifully than they've known how to, till now.

When I published my Amazon best-selling book Personal Leadership Style in 2013, it was the start of a journey to share a way for women in life and business, women just like you, to connect with their core, innate archetypal strengths and to use them actively to build confidence, create happiness and walk tall with purpose - simply because you more confidently know who you are.
As the fabulous Retreat Specialist Liesel Albrecht said after our recent profiling session:

"Discovering my Personal Leadership Style has totally changed how I work in my business and how I view what I am doing. It has helped me understand why I do some things the way I do and why it feels a certain way. It was like getting an inner connection to myself where my inner voice said 'someone has finally realised who I am and what I have to offer'. Now, when I am having a day that I don't feel so confident in business I have a mantra that I say to myself that has come from this profiling. I can not say highly enough that it all just makes sense to me now."

I created the Personal Leadership Style model back in 2011 and have profiled 100's of women in business over the past few years. I am super excited to be able to package that knowledge and experience together to bring you this new marketing mindset program - a program with a real difference.

I'm not just saying that - it's not my style - Market To Thrive really is something unique and I can't wait each round to connect with a new group of determined women to teach you more about you and why knowing this content will give you a new and very powerful opportunity to thrive.

If you're intrigued, fascinated, feeling like it might be a good fit for you in even a little sense, then I invite you to read on.

I've got lots to share on this page so you can be confident you're making an informed decision based on all you're processing in your head, feeling in your gut and listening to in your heart.

Join Market To Thrive Tribe 8 here!
Let's see what we'll be doing
together in Market To Thrive!

Market To Thrive is a 9-week program, mapped out to teach you how to make the most of your Personal Leadership Style as you market and grow your business.

Each weekly group call will be accompanied by worksheets, the content slides and a recording of the call to help guide you through the Market To Thrive journey and give you a wealth of resources to refer back to at any time.

The added support you'll receive in the private Facebook group means additional accountability, networking and encouragement, not just from me, but also from your fellow Market To Thrive circle buddies and where relevant, our Masterclass Experts (see bonuses below for more on them!)!

Here's a high level overview of our 9 weeks of glorious content. Having been guiding small business owners through the maze of marketing for years now I love teaching foundational marketing principles. Combine those with the strengths of your Personal Leadership Style, knowing and choosing to work from your Effortless Success Zone and understanding the Law of Effortlessness and you have a recipe for thriving!

Totally cool...
Week 1
Mindset (Beliefs)
  • • Explore the role mindset and your beliefs have to play in marketing.

    • Contemplate your new found reference of self understanding and insight into the Law Of Effortlessness.

    • Look at the stuff going on in your head that impacts your marketing efforts and business growth potential!

Week 2
Mindfulness (Purpose)
  • • Get clear on your business purpose and what your bigger vision is for the future.

    • It's essential to have a clear idea about where you are headed, otherwise it's like trying to use a GPS without the coordinates plugged in!

    • The week when that clarity will start to take hold and your confidence will be given another boost.
Week 3
Message (Your Brilliance)
  • • Every one of us has some deep seated "thing" we want to get out in the world and we launch a business as a vehicle to do that.

    • Your Message is a reflection of your core brilliance, which is a combination of your personal leadership style strengths + your passions.

    • Message clarity and focus are essential elements of marketing. Let's get you clear!
Week 4
Magnetism (Connection & Relationships)
  • • Some may call this week ideal client discovery week. I guess it is... It's also so much more.

    • Bundle your purpose and message together to attract your ideal clients you need to understand who they are.

    • Explore your magnetism, your ability to attract these fabulous people who are ready and willing to work with you. Being magnetic creates an action of people leaning into what you have to offer.

Week 5
Implementation Week!
  • • This week is a little pause in content delivery to allow you to take any action you've missed to this point.

    • This is not a program where you're set up for overwhelm and failure.

    • I want you to find it easier and easier to take action so you can walk away at the end of our time together with all the foundations you need to Market To Thrive.
Week 6
Movement (It's About Taking Action)
  • • Action becomes the difference between success and spinning around, overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do next.

    • Explore the role of Movement in the Market To Thrive philosophy and I'll share with you the ins and outs of the Law of Effortlessness and how to use it to do less to achieve more.

    • When we're marketing and promoting on a consistent basis it's got to be about leveraging your time. Let's see how that's possible.
Week 7
Management (Systems & Support)
  • • This week we talk about managing your marketing as we extend our Movement week

    • You have an opportunity to learn about key systems and tools I use in my business and see others using successfully to ensure their time is leveraged and marketing remains a fun, creative aspect of business

    • This week provides you with the system to capture all of your marketing content in one place making it easier to reference and maximising the potential for consistency

Week 8
Map (Create a Market to Thrive Plan)
  • • This week we work together to set up a detailed, motivating plan of action for your marketing for the coming months

    • Planning has been a key factor in my business success and I love to teach it as when it's done right and takes you into account it drives action and momentum

    • You'll learn how to apply my planning framework, The Effortless Success Framework to your business and marketing so you're ready to market the Market To Thrive way
Week 9
Mastery (Ongoing Thriving)
  • • Now that you have the foundations in place and a map all set out we'll be talking through the aspect of Mastery

    • I see this as your ongoing achievement and the things you can integrate into your business to stay motivated, focused, taking action, staying energised and feeling alive and thriving each step of the way
Limited to just 20 participants for added personalised support - next round starts Tuesday 19th March 2019

One of the things I've worked out during my years' coaching and teaching women in business is that personalised support is a key part of you getting the most out of any program. I'm also much better leading small, focused programs with a maximum of 20 participants and you deserve to get the best of me at every step of your Market To Thrive journey.

We'll work together, in a circle of collaboration, not competition!

Yes I'm totally ready to join the Market To Thrive!
What's my Investment?

The early bird investment is available for round 8 now, which includes your entire 9 weeks of awesome content, support, connection and magnetic marketing goodness is available until 8th March 2019 unless sold out earlier and is $895 +gst, or you can select a 2 or 3 part payment plan at checkout.

On completion of the early bird phase, the full price investment is $1000 +gst, or you can select a 2 or 3 part payment plan at checkout.  

Registrations close 15th March 2019 for a 19th March start for Round 7.

The last 7 rounds of this phenomenal program has been one participants call a total business and life #gamechanger so don't hesitate to enroll of you're serious about building your confidence and nailing your marketing.

+ these bonuses to accelerate your Market To Thrive experience!
Your Thrive Factor Profiling Session with Shannon (Value $300)
Understanding who you are starts with understanding your Personal Leadership Style.

Uncovering your unique archetypal strengths opens you up to increased confidence, clarity and motivation in your business and your life.

This fabulous bonus is an essential first step in the Market To Thrive program and you'll complete your profiling session via Zoom before week 1 of the Program.


Book + Card Set + Thrive Factor Insights Masterclass Call (Value $280)
To deepen your understanding of your personal leadership potential and the personal leadership philosophy you'll receive a copy of my book The Thrive Factor: Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone

PLUS you'll receive an archetypal card deck to remind you of the power  of your Personal Leadership Style!

PLUS access to a BONUS Personal Leadership Style Insights Masterclass


Dedicated Private M2T Facebook Group (Value Priceless - corny but it's true)
Support, connection, accountability and working together is what gets things done!

I don't want M2T to be another program you sign up for and don't complete. Magic happens when we work together, supporting each other to thrive.

This space will be open to you for ever more (it'll only close if I ever stop offering this program or Facebook changes their group guidelines).

Having the Facebook Group means you'll continue the learning and deepen your sense of who you are and how to use your strengths in your business. I still uncover fascinating insights I plan to share.

+ 3 bonus Masterclasses
This team of experts are here to enhance your learning and help you leverage your Market To Thrive experience by sharing their insights into branding, copywriting and online presence.  I know you'll love them as much as I do!
Julie Gibbons:
Our Branding Masterclass Leader


Julie Gibbons is an incredible Brand Translator who turns the overwhelm of branding into easy to digest lessons any entrepreneur can understand. She's a natural teacher and has a lot to share about branding and getting it right for you.

Julie will walk us through some branding basics helping you to demystifying the challenges creating brand confidence can create and answer your branding questions live, followed by joining us in our Market To Thrive Facebook Group PLUS you'll also get a VIP code to download a copy of her brilliant e-book for FREE!

Julie loves the Market To Thrive philosophy and training so much she also enrolled and became a Round 3 Graduate in April 2017.
Jay Crisp Crow:
Our Copy Masterclass Leader


Jay Crisp Crow is a wordsmith with a wealth of wordy magic thrown in. I'm yet to see something Jay has created that I haven't instantly fallen in love with. I regularly refer to her as a Copy Goddess and "lady of the word"!

Not only does Jay write in such a beautiful, engaging, worldly wonderful way, she also teaches women in business how to craft their own copy.

Jay will walk us through some copy hacks and answer your questions live and join us in the Facebook group for more support.
Sarah Thomson:
Our Online Presence Masterclass Leader


Sarah Thomson is amazing! Bringing with her over 20 years of good solid marketing knowledge and experience, Sarah took all that goodness and has been teaching biz owners how to apply marketing foundations to her fav social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram for years.

I've had the privilege of being Sarah's biz coach and also her student and absolutely love what she offers.  Sarah has actively lived her Personal Leadership Style since we did her profile close to 3 years ago so she'll tell you more about the difference it's made for her in her business since then (it's very cool!)

Sarah will walk us through her top online presence tips to engage with your ideal clients.
Key dates!

✪  Early Bird registrations open now for round 8, commencing 19th March 2019

✪  Welcome information + Facebook Group invitations happen from early March 2019

✪  Personal Leadership Profiling Sessions completed during March 2019

✪  Weekly content calls commence Tuesdays 19th March and will be weekly each Tuesday at 10.30 am AWST (Perth)

✪  Bonus Thrive Factor Insights Masterclass Call with Shannon occurs in week 2 of the program

✪  Bonus Masterclasses TBC in April and May 2019 (you'll get plenty of notice so you can be sure to be there live!)

Your Market to Thrive hostess: Shannon Bush

Hello, gorgeous business woman. I'm delighted to see you here, checking out the magic that is Market To Thrive, my all new marketing, mindset program for super determined, highly capable, passionate, big hearted, service-driven lady entrepreneurs just like you.

I led the first round of this program in April 2016 to rave reviews and we sold out before the Early Bird was over. Nothing like some magnetic demand for something you absolutely love hey. I totally want that for you, too!

This program is going to be a whole lot of fun and learning and creative stretching and has the potential to transform you and your business for the better.

I'm often referred to as the Business Innovator because I love to shake things up, get you thinking differently and doing differently so you can create a business and life that's totally thriving.

I've been coaching, mentoring and teaching business owners all aspects of marketing and business goodness since 2009 and I absolutely love what I do. My business, Creative Possibility, was intentionally set up to open a pathway for me to do what I love, give back and teach others in biz how to do the same.

I'm excited to be bringing my Personal Leadership Style profiling system, the foundation of my Amazon Best Selling book of the same name, into my marketing work in this program. I approach business with a can-do attitude, a big dose of creativity and self-expression, a belief that when you know who you really are and use your strengths, layer that with good marketing and promotional knowledge, strategy and action, you can totally thrive. I'd so excited about showing you some of what I've been doing for years now, with ever increasing positive results and more and more effortlessness and ease.

Other things about me you might like to know - I am the curator of the Thriving Entrepreneur Circle Facebook group with close to 1400 amazing women entrepreneurs who are working to thrive together and I am the founder and chief Creative Editor of Totally Thriving, a digital business magazine for women that reaches over 8000 (and growing) people globally each month which still blows me away plus the host of Law of Effortlessness podcast which went live in October 2016.

I creatively live my own Personal Leadership Style in my business and life and can't wait to help you do the same. Let's get you on the road to thriving. I'll see you in the Market To Thrive tribe!